Promo MZ strengthens its position in the Mozambican market

The Mozambican event market is booming and strong players are emerging in the business.

The Mozambican event agency Promo MZ, part of the DHD Consulting & Holdings Group is one of these companies, with an estimate 175% growth for this year, compared to 2017, following the evolution not only of its holding, but also that African country's economy.

Interviewed by Event Point International, Inês Ferreira d'Almeida, Promo MZ Executive Director, said that the agency "invests in several segments of business" and explained the strategy that is being pursued to gain market share in Mozambique.

The country's market is expanding and Inês Ferreira d’Almeida assures it has a high "potential". In her opinion, Mozambique "is a very attractive country for international investments, and there has been an increasing sense of demand from companies in this business. The growth in demand is largely due to the economic recovery leveraged by the opportunities generated by massive projects for oil, natural gas and natural coal and complemented by investment opportunities in agriculture, tourism and other sectors," she explained.

Among the agency's activities is "the organisation of corporate events, where the production of conferences, galas and institutional events stand out." In addition, Promo MZ bets on "brand activation" which also covers "an area specialised in production of shows" and also in "graphic design".

"We have a truly complete offer, and it is a huge competitive advantage to integrate the Consulting & Holdings Group," Inês Ferreira d'Almeida highlighted.

The company has already increased sales volume this year by more than 50% over the full year 2017, the agency said, without revealing actual billing data.

Inês Ferreira d'Almeida added that the group's commitment to this business area is related to a strategy that aims to "offer partners and customers innovative and complementary solutions to the media business, that is the genesis of the group The agency believes that this is a "growing market," and is looking out for "opportunities." "We value our partnerships with other markets with a focus on South Africa and Portugal," said the agency's leader.

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Inês Ferreira d'Almeida also told us that Promo MZ has already produced over 100 projects between 2017 and 2018. "One of the best examples is MOZEFO ‑ Mozambican Economic and Social Forum, a Mozambican international reference event that already had two previous editions (2015 and 2017) and will take place again in 2019. This is the biggest event organised in Mozambique and is attended by former Heads of State and leaders of large international companies".

The agency is also working on events such as the MOZTECH, an event and country business fair related "to innovation and new technologies, the "100 Major SMEs event" and MOZGROW, an agribusiness show", according to the same source.

PromoMZ also worked on events such as the International Conference on Nature‑Based Tourism, "co‑organised by the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER) and the World Bank, which brought together business leaders from around the world in Maputo", she added.

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Inês Ferreira d'Almeida admitted that most of these events take place in the Mozambican capital, but the agency intends to decentralise the sector. The company was responsible for organising "an international conference for Anadarko [an American oil company] and the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) which brought together more than 800 businessmen and senior state officials at the Local Opportunities Seminar in Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province".

The agency was also present at international events such as MOZEFO Portugal in 2016 and MOZEFO South Africa in 2017.

DHD Consulting and Holdings owns several media and communication companies in Mozambique, including the Soico group, which owns two television channels, STV and STV Notícias, a radio station (SFM), a daily newspaper (O País) and an online platform.

In addition to Promo MZ, this holding also includes Invent with audiovisual equipment, Interactive in the area of information technologies and Bright, a company of communication, advertising and content production.

Alexandra Noronha

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