Guide to sustainable events released in Portugal

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The BCSD Portugal Business Council released a guide to sustainable events to help organizing more sustainable events. The publication, in portuguese, with about 60 pages, can be accessed and downloaded on the BCSD website (www.bcsdportugal.org/publicacoes/guia/#/2/). It is fully dedicated to organizers, promoters and sponsors of all types of events. 

With a variety of examples, the guide lists a best-practices plan to implement in categories that are part of an event’s value chain: venue, transportation, community, structures (logistics, exhibition and offices), catering, audio-visual resources, accommodation and communication. It also contains four worksheets that will support the organizer in the process of putting all the tips into practice. 

The publication uses as reference the ISO 20121 standard: Event Sustainability Management System. Requirements with guidance for use, published in June 2012. 

BCSD Portugal is an organization of leaders whose vision is to contribute to sustainable development. It has 100 members, which in total represent 15% of the Portuguese GDP. 

This guide was published with the support of EDP, the national electricity company and one of the most influent developers and sponsors of events in the country.  

Tags: Sustainability