The Algarve, an attractive destination for the Wedding segment

Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA - Algarve Tourism Association) has been intensifying its investment in this product.

The Algarve has been a very sought after destination for those intending to get married, which has led ATA to intensify its commitment to the product 'Weddings'. The region has been chosen by many British and Irish brides and grooms, with Brazil and the United States being the markets with the greatest growth potential, according to information collected by ATA from its members.

ATA attended the Amour Forum, a European wedding event held in Vienna last February, and has been promoting visits of wedding planners and other international operators working in this segment to the region. ATA has also posted specific content on its website on this product.

"Weddings and other related celebrations are segments with enormous potential for the Algarve," João Fernandes, president of ATA, said in a statement. "The region has a number of attractions that make it an ideal place to get married. Starting with the weather and the scenarios it provides: the possibility of marrying on the beach or outdoor is increasingly appreciated. To the multiplicity of environments and infrastructure of excellence this destination offers, there are also all the services and specialised professionals needed to organise this event, which allows us to respond to all kinds of challenges."

João Fernandes also reminded that the region's offer does not end with the availability of a ceremony venue, since the Algarve can offer all the experience around the event, which may involve the discovery of local gastronomy or experiences for both the bride and groom and their guests. In addition, ATA underlines the "interesting" money for value, which makes the Algarve a competitive destination with Italian and Spanish regions.

"This investment ATA is making to attract international weddings is strategic, as it allows us to promote the region and all its products, in a complementary way, to groups (composed of the bride, groom, families and guests) who, during their stay, are predisposed to know and live authentic experiences," says João Fernandes.

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