Turismo de Portugal launches video with message of hope: ‘Can’t Skip Hope’

"It is time to stop". These are the first words of the new promotional video for Turismo de Portugal, which presents a message of hope.

The video 'Can't Skip Hope', which replaces the motto of the campaign 'Can't Skip Portugal', recalls that these are times of staying at home, to “look out for each other in the distance” and that only like this, gathering efforts to move forward, it is possible to recover from these difficult times.

It is time to “stop”, time to “make a pause so we play again” and today, separate, “we are more united than ever”. In the promotional video, Turismo de Portugal stresses that nature, landscapes, beaches and monuments “are not going anywhere”. “They will still be there waiting for a better time to be lived. And we must do the same for a while”, one hears.

Today, it is time “to dream about those amazing days to come”. And when those days come, Portugal will open its arms to welcome everyone who wants to visit it. After all, you‘Can’t Skip Portugal’.

The video uses previously captured images and the narrator's voice was recorded by smartphone and sent for editing by email. You can watch it here.

Tags: Portugal, Video, Covid-19