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Mercedes #24ride: drive, fulfill, transmit

The new Mercedes Benz model launch event won several awards at BEA World.

It was the event that presented the new Mercedes Benz A-Class. Twelve participants drove 20 celebrities in nine cities across the Czech Republic, over a 24-hour period, with tasks to be accomplished. The event was broadcast on Facebook and Youtube and viewers had the opportunity to win the new A-Class.

The event received several awards at BEA World, winning the first prize in the Product / Service Launch Event category and the second prize in the Roadshow, Best B2C Event (<€ 500,000) and BEA World Grand Prix categories. The client, Mercedes Benz Cars Ceská Republika, won Best Corporate Client and the agency JAD Productions, of the Czech Republic, won second place in the Best Event Agency category.

Twelve drivers, 20 celebrities from different fields, such as politics, fashion, music, science, among others. There were live performances, tasks to be performed and the use of the car's resources, to show its performance live. The event reached more than 1.2 million people on social media and 62,000 people interacted with the event.

Watch the video here.


Agency: JAD Productions

Client: Mercedes Benz Cars Ceská Republika S.R.O.

Budget: <€ 500,000

BEA World Awards: 1st Prize Product / Service Launch Event, 2nd Roadshow Prize, 2nd Best B2C Event (<€ 500,000), 2nd BEA World Grand Prix, 1st Best Corporate Client Award (Mercedes Benz Cars Ceská Republika) and 2nd Best Event Agency (JAD Productions, Czech Republic).

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