How artificial intelligence is influencing events in 2019

A lot has been written lately about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and event professionals will soon be offering it as part of their event technology solution.

Of course, AI is still far from being able to perform intellectual tasks better than humans. Advanced skills such as reasoning, conceptual learning, common sense, creativity, self-awareness, and emotions are technologically non-reproducible skills yet.

However, Artificial Intelligence can already streamline business processes to create and customise customer engagement and subsequently increase revenue. AI in 2019 will be used to enable enhanced and personalised experiences with more meaningful interactions that catch the attention of event attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

To implement AI in a way that reflects a brand, data is critical. Artificial Intelligence relies on data management to deliver on its promises.

Customisation and recommendations using AI

The biggest change AI is bringing to events is the customisation of recommendations for event attendees, exhibitors and products on an unprecedented scale.

In a typical networking event, the participant can be manually combined with others according to a manual form that is filled in with their interests. The whole process is slow and expensive for event managers.

An AI matchmaking engine can interpret data from social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Attendees can schedule meetings before the event starts or indicate that they are not interested in system recommendations, which helps to improve the next set of recommendations. It is a virtuous cycle. AI learns from behaviour as it interacts with it. Thus, participants receive better recommendations the more they use them.

AI chatbots and experimence without an interface

Chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and are easy for participants to use as they do not require an app download or website login. In addition, AI-enabled chatbots have the technological capability to learn from previous interactions and customise conversations. In the future, technology may allow events to no longer have a dedicated application, but instead have all event content delivered via a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Deep Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning is a form of AI based on pattern recognition. The system reads the registration data of an event and then anticipates what logistics requirements are required on site for drinks, food and people tracking as the event progresses in real time. It will make these judgments based on input from past events of similar size and requirements.

Data protection and integrity

Added to AI are concerns about data protection and integrity. As an increasingly sophisticated analysis is applied to data, it is necessary to strike a balance between data protection compliance while stimulating creativity, innovation and helping to ensure data quality.

It is important to achieve this balance by generating deep insights and protecting participants' privacy.

The event industry is competitive and its ability to stand out depends on creating a set of technologies that simplify the experience. By 2019, the use of Artificial Intelligence will provide events with a competitive advantage.


Vitor Hugo Filipe, AVK Technical Consultant


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