SVN - Business Travel Trade Show discusses trends for the next ten years

Tivoli Theatre in Lisbon is hosting on February 22nd the SVN 2017.

Tivoli Theatre in Lisbon is hosting on February 22nd the SVN 2017 - Business Travel Trade Show, a networking event in the areas of business, corporate travel and meetings and events. This year's edition of the event, sponsored by Travelstore and American Express Global Business Travel, launches a challenge for all participants to anticipate the trends for the next ten years.

Dedicated to the theme "2027 - The next ten years", the Business Travel Trade Show has a Business Travel panel: "The Future of Busienss Travel and the Business Traveller of the Future". Participating in this panel are Holger Luikenga (Head of Global Travel Partner Network of American Express), Marcel Forns (General Manager GEBTA), Guy Mercier (Head of Services, Strategy & Delivery Operations Solvay) and as moderator Frédéric Frère (CEO of Travelstore Amex GBT).

The Events panel - "The Events of the Future, Trends to Expect" – features Carla Andrezo (Business Unit Leader Emotion Store), Jorge Vinha da Silva (managing director / board member Meo Arena) and Rui Ochôa ( Director of Event Point, media partner of the event).

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