There are less than 500 days to go in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games countdown

Brazil celebrated, on 24th March, the symbolic date of 500 days to the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The portal published an interview with the Minister of Tourism, Vinicius Lages, in which the he details the challenges for the country to receive this mega-event. Lages admits that organising the World Cup on Brazilian soil in 2014 left a great legacy in organizational terms. An lesson from that event was that the tourist flow was beyond the Cup host cities. Therefore, one of the objectives of the Ministry is to further promote the flow of people in the various destinations.

"All those who visit Rio become ambassadors of both the city and Brazil. It is important to work in this perspective to sustain the good image that we will, of course, build and present to the world again," says Vinicius Lages. This World Cup heritage is reflected in various ways (accessibility, mobility, infrastructure) and various services, so today Brazil is "prepared to face another mega-event like the Olympics," he highlights.

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