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MIS, the largest European MICE event of the year so far

The event brought together 310 professionals to reactivate the sector.

The global MICE industry has been hit hard since the emergence of Covid. But in Spain, MIS (Meeting Incentive Summit) proved that face to face can be done. Organised by Grupo eventoplus, on April 28th, at the Hotel RIU Plaza España in Madrid, it was the biggest MICE event of the year in Europe with 310 attendees in-person, demonstrating that large and safe meetings are posible. “A professionally organised meeting is one of the safest place to be: multi-layered security measures, highly responsible attendees, full traceability and antigen tests conducted less than 24 hours before the event; all provide a level of reassurance. The MICE industry is important sector as it helps companies to communicate, sell, train, drive loyalty, motivate, etc…, but it has to return to business with safety measures in place, and we have shown that it is possible,” comments Eric Mottard, Co-Founder and CEO of Grupo eventoplus.

A rigorous protocol was applied: all attendees, including the organisation staff and on-site crew, had to show a negative antigen test result done in less than 24-hour before the event. All attendees were provided a free test in clinics where they are based, as well as tests on-site. At the entrance, attendees were also given FFP2 masks which they had to wear it throughout the entire event. Distancing was also applied in the distribution of the venue and the placements of the furniture. Ventilation was enhanced not just by the high ceiling and the system of the hotel, but windows were left opened to maximise the air circulation. Lunch was also organised in another room to allow air renovation.


Both meeting buyers and exhibitors took advantage of the matching system of the event platform to create their own meetings agenda. These meetings are important for buyers to find out about the new market offers as well as to renew relationships which had been kept in a remote mode since the pandemic. Reactivation also come in educational topics such as storytelling, keys to return to travelling in meetings, the future of medical meetings, the key sanitary measures to put in place in meetings, how will international meetings come back to Spain,… New and fun formats were also experimented in both the face-to-face and online events: speed networking (mini-meetings of two minutes between two participants and when time was up, they moved on to get to know another participant, an effective networking activity); elevator pitch of 30 seconds by exhibitors which allowed buyers to get to know the many offers in a short time; bullet points sessions by destinations with 3 key takeaway messages, a fun online trivial with 4 contestants connected to play vía zoom while the audience were also able to put their meeting knowledge to the test through the event platform at the same time; a “breakout” photocall where attendees shared their professionally taken photos in their social networks which helped to make #meetMIS a trending topic.

To ensure the maximum participation of meeting professionals all around Spain, the organiser designed the conference in a “1+1” format for the first time: one day of face-to-face meeting followed by a day of online event where the programme was streamed from a set at the Palacio Neptuno. “An online event has the challenge of retaining attention. It is very important to ensure that the content is dynamic, the programme has a good rhythm and different formats are introduced to engage the participants. And that was just what we did,” comments Lynn Wong, Co-Founder and Director of Communication and Events in Grupo eventoplus.

Some numbers

8,029 messages were sent between participants

10,842 interactions

2,376 meetings requested

85 exhibiting companies

310 participants at the face-to-face event

159 connected to the streaming

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