It intends to show that Portugal is a destination capable of providing quality responses in the luxury and gourmet segments.

This new venue strengthens the region's MICE offer.

You already know the Algarve is packed with sun, sea, good food and great hotels. But if you take some time to get to know the luminous South, you will find hidden gems in the unlikeliest of places.

This free application will bring together elements such as legends, surfing and traditions.

It is the latest venue in the Czech capital, a modern and futuristic area that promises to shake up the events sector.

It opened in 2004 and the project is now expanding.

Zofin Palace and National House of Vinohrady are two of the city’s historical venues.

From international chains to local brands, the Czech capital has something for every occasion.

The numbers are out and show that the country is growing.

The venue operates since 1977 and has been hosting some of the major events in the Czech capital.