“Pyjamas” replied the guide (who lived through the Bosnian-war 1992-1995) when asked what does ‘Peace’ mean to you?

Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, is sometimes mentioned on travel itineraries as a stopover or a crossing point to the country’s main destination: Siem Reap.

Košice is flourishing as an event city for Eastern Slovakia.

Since being chosen to host the Air France, KLM and Gol airline hub in northeastern Brazil, Ceará has been attracting the attention of both tourists and event and congress organisers.

Lagoa’s Sete Vales Suspensos trail, in the Algarve, was considered the Best Hiking Destination in Europe. Pico do Arieiro, in Madeira, is in the top 15.

Standing atop the 30th floor observation deck of the ‘Palace of Science & Culture’ in the very heart of Warsaw, gave a sense of the confidence in Poland’s capital right now.