The meetings industry guru has talked with Event Point about the current situation.

When talking about Portuguese who excel in worldwide football, we immediately think of Cristiano Ronaldo or José Mourinho.

Ksenya Bokyova, from Moscow City Tourism Committee, talked to Event Point International.

Galaxy Entertainment Group has officially introduced Galaxy International Convention Centre and Galaxy Arena.

Good communication between the event agency and the content producer, attention to timings, updating of software and hardware are some challenges highlighted by Ricardo Guerra, from Hello Movement.

She was born in Porto, but lives in Paris where she holds the position of International Sales Director at Viparis, that manages several venues in the French capital. She is currently ICCA’s vice president and has shared with Event Point International both the association and the sector’s challenges.

Dubai is working hard to stage the Expo2020. We spoke with Shaun Vorster, Business Integration and Activations manager of the event that starts in October 2020.

An hour and a half long conversation, that could easily have lasted a whole afternoon. Gonçalo Castel‑Branco is a creative man, not only in events, and a born talker. Not afraid to take risks, to get things done, he is the mentor of The Presidential Train project, an original idea by his eldest daughter, that won him the award for Best Public Event at Bea World 2017. His career path is full of remarkable events.

He came early to the interview, impeccably dressed. We talked for over an hour. António Paraíso is a specialist in luxury brands, in international trade, and is frequently invited as a speaker for events in Portugal and abroad, where he discusses over these and other themes, always aiming at inspiring people.