The past year has generated a lot of industry advocacy activity around the world.

This Wednesday 12 May is a big day for the IMEX team.

It has a festival name, but it was never announced. It is global, but we don't know who its organiser is, nor what to expect from its performers. It's Covid-19 and it's here to stay.

The answer to this question is the one everyone is looking for, but something seems inevitable, that the future of events will be in person.

Despite the terrible impacts of the coronavirus on the meeting industry, there’s a silver lining.

Brand researchers in the Journal of Marketing define brand experience as “sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioural responses evoked by brand‑related stimuli that are part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments.”

How did we find ourselves here? And what do we do about it?

Up to this point, we have overcome catastrophes of many kinds: climate, security, political conflicts, etc., of which we have recovered rapidly and professionally.

Covid19 will reignite the many questions around the ‘risk vs return-on-investment’ when hosting major sporting events and whether destinations will be reticent to bid in the future.