Creating Viseu Arena is much more than - or is not at all - a hardware project.

Let me start by talking about the "Paradox of Choice", a concept to keep in mind for companies and brands.

The most sustainable events are the most efficient and the most reputable, stimulating mindsets more focused on generations' needs.

There is an ongoing change when we talk about technology for events that can transform the way we handle this process.

The success of an event depends on several factors, but there is no doubt that part of this formula is to convince and persuade guests to attend.

To make a success out of your event it is essential to generate high levels of engagement with your guests, before, during and after it.

Today we can compare events to puzzles.

Are events a territory's identity?

Event organisers often suffer from lack of feedback from their customers or potential customers.

One of the determining factors to conquer the world of events is to realise what your true talent, vocation or skill is.