Portugal: Mobility Now Launches M-Events

Mobility Now has launched M-Events, an integrated conference and event service. The tool is designed to help vendors interact with visitors and collect behavioral data, including what caught their attention, their route on the event circuit and what stands were the most popular. 

M-box sensors are placed at strategic locations at the event. These devices, which use NFCtechnology, interact with customers from the moment they check in. These boxes collect input from visitors and encourage guest promotion through taking photos, sharing on social media, asking questions or simply leaving a note with "I want to know more about this." The event organizer then receives a behavioral database that can help in post-event communications and future initiatives.

The technology is based off their Smart Wine Glass project, where glasses were embedded with a chip to identify the prerferred wines of each visitor. At the end of the event, the visitor receives a personalized email with the list of all wines tasted and the identification of the producer who sells them

The M-Events service is customizable and it can also be partially purchased, according to each organizer's objectives.


Tags: Technology