10 Event trends you need to think about

Stand out!

The second edition of Meet@MeoArena, a joint organisation of MeoArena and Event Point, featured keynote speaker Kevin Jackson, creative and innovation director at The Experience is the Marketing. He shared the current trends in the events sector, which, according to the speaker, is "ready to take over the world".

Nowadays events are, in Kevin Jackson's opinion, the most important communication channel in the world. Experiences are more important than money. Great marketing is no longer about just saying things to people, it's about doing things for people and successful brands understand the importance of engagement; creating meaningful and rewarding experiences, whether that's online or in the real world.

1. Information On Demand

The audience has control and is able to watch content anytime in any device.

2. Social Network

We trust the people we know and this is important in deciding whether or not to go to an event. The event industry has to create amazing content so that it can be disseminated.

3. Taking Control

To understand an audience, you have to ask four questions: what do they want to feel? What do they want to think? What do they want to know? What do they want to do? The keys are: Feel, Think, Know, Do.

4. Pull

It is important to create a bond with the audience, it creates value. You need to create content that people want to take home.

5. Quality

A trend totally intertwined with the previous ones: if we create quality content, we can only be winners.

6. Attention

We must be responsive, alert and realise where we can integrate and add value. With so many brands and events we almost have to shout for the public's attention.

7. Listening

It is essential to listen to the audience, people want to express their opinion and be heard. Kevin Jackson's trick is to use the acronym: DDEM: Data Driven Event Marketing.

8. Relationship

People buy from people they like. Events help building relationships.

9. Emotional

Even CEOs are people, have likes, interests, hobbies. It is necessary to emotionally connect with the audience if we want successful events.

10. Our Needs

Our needs are always the same, we are human. Understand them and give them answers.

And above all: Stand out!

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