11 historical venues in the Algarve

Did you ever imagine hosting your event in a convent? Or setting up a venue in a market? Or even taking your guests for a magical dinner in a castle?

Did you ever imagine hosting your event in a convent? Or setting up a venue in a market? Or even taking your guests for a magical dinner in a castle? The Algarve has it all.

Castelo de Silves

When you get to Silves it feels like you have travelled in time and the village is one of the treasures of the Algarve. The castle is the biggest in the region and the best preserved example of the islamic military architecture in the whole country. It was built in the 8th century, after the moors's invasions to the Iberian Peninsula, and it only changed to Portuguese hands in 1253. Every year this castle hosts a medieval fair, engaging all the population and attracting people from all over the Algarve to the event. So why not host yours?

Fortaleza de Sagres

One can say that globalisation started with the Portuguese Discoveries. Sagres Fortress was vital for that quest and now it wants to host people from all over the world. The Fortress was built by Henry, the Navigator, to fulfil the need to have a place to support the sailors and serve as a gateway to the North of Africa. The amazing surroundings of this Fortress, like Mareta's cove and Cabo de São Vicente, will leave no one indifferent, including your guest. The auditorium has 50 seats, there is a multipurpose room with 127,50m2, and plenty of outside space.

Museu de Portimão

And what about hosting your event in one of the most awarded museums in the Country? Yes, you can! The Portimão Museum has multipurpose rooms and an auditorium for 170 people, equipped with everything you need for an event. And the museum itself is great. It was built in a former factory and celebrates the industries that made the Algarve a unique place, like the fishing and the sardine canning industry. You can also find here some archaeological findings that help you to get to know the history of Portimão better.

Convento de São José

Nothing represents Lagoa better than the 18th century Convento de São José. This former convent was founded by the Carmelite order and had an important part in the education of abandoned girls. Now this extraordinary building plays a part in the cultural life of the city, hosting all kinds of events, from exhibitions, to concerts or seminars. The auditorium has 90 seats, is climatised and fully prepared to be the set of your event.

Mercado de Loulé

It's impossible to miss the Loulé Market when in Loulé. The architecture of this building is so different from everything else in the city, that its Impact is big. In a very good way, we mean. This striking building is from the early 1900's and is one of the best places to buy local products. In this Market, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, it's also possible to do an event. Imagine that, an event surrounded by the sights and ambience of the best products the region can offer.

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Galeria de Arte do Convento do Espírito Santo

In the heart of Loulé, this art gallery occupies part of the former Franciscan Convent of the Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit), dating from the 17th century. The Baroque cloister is one of the most interesting features of this resilient venue, that survived the 1755 earthquake and a period of abandonment. You can feel a calm and peaceful atmosphere in this place, which gives you the perfect state-of-mind to contemplate all the exhibitions that this gallery hosts.

Convento de Santo António

Another great example of how Loulé's conventual life unfolded. The Santo António convent was built in 1620 and rebuilt in 1675 to allow better conditions to the congregation. With the extinction of the religious orders, in 1834, this building met a lot of purposes. It was a factory and a residential area, but by the end of the 20th century the church was restored and since then this is a place for culture, that hosts a vast number of events.

Convento de Nossa Senhora da Assunção and Museu Municipal de Faro

This former convent, built in 1519, is home to the second museum ever to be created in the Algarve. In 1894, on the 500th anniversary of the birth of Infante Dom Henrique (Henry the Navigator), Faro inaugurated the Museum Archeologico Lapidar Infante D. Henrique dedicated to the heroe of the Portuguese Discoveries. Later it was called Municipal Museum. In 2005 the museum was awarded with the prize for the best Portuguese museum by the Portuguese Association of Museology. There is an old chapel that can host 100 people seated and the amazing cloister of the convent can be the venue for your next event.

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Lethes Theatre

This building dates from early 17th century and it was built to house the Jesuits in Faro. In 1855 it became what it is today: a theatre. And it was called Lethes, after a mythical river whose waters had the magic power to erase bad memories. From then on this remarkable place was one of the epicenters of cultural life in the Algarve and produced nothing but good memories. “Monet oblectando” is the latin inscription on the facade of the building, which means “educate, having fun”. Isn't this a nice tone for an event?

Álvaro de Campos Municipal Library

The library takes the name of one of the heteronyms of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and it was buily inside an ancient prison. Only the facade of the prison was kept, the cells where converted into a modern cultural space. Since 2005 this is the main library in Tavira, housing hundreds and hundreds of books. And because education and culture don't come only from books,, the place is prepared to host meetings and events.

Tavira Castle

Tavira Castle used to protect the fishing town from North African raiders and pirates. The fortress, dating back to the 11th century, is naturally located at the highest point, which means stunning views over the town and surrounding national park. Inside the castle walls there are well maintained gardens. There is a legend that says that the castle is enchanted by a Moorish Princess that once a year (in Saint John’s night) appears in the castle, crying for her sweetheart, a christian knight that failed to conquer the castle. One thing is for sure, this is a special place, and why not turning it your special place?



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