Embly: Bringing participants to the centre of events

Embly is a multi-platform technology solution that promises to bring participants to the centre of events.

How? Allowing you to send and manage invitations to initiatives as diverse as a medical congress, a music festival, or a company board meeting. During the event, it also allows you to check the programme and makes available information on speakers; enhances social interactions among participants; enables online voting, questions and answers in sessions or integration with beacons; and it connects to Apple TV. After the event, it generates informative reports and ensures all the necessary communication.

Embly includes a content manager (CMS), mobile applications (iOS and Android), website, Apple TV connection, wich is especially interesting for events with more than one simultaneous session and with sponsors who want to show their messages, and finally it recognises and communicates with beacons, small localization devices, that facilitates support for checking in at the event and sending messages while it is happening.

The Embly team is available to carry out all the monitoring of the event, ensuring everything from content management to technical support needed in each case.

This technological tool has already been used by clients such as the pharmaceutical company Lilly Portugal or the insurance company Fidelidade

Last October, Embly was the technology platform chosen for Be Well. It is the largest event of health professionals, with more than 3,000 participants, organised in MEO Arena by MSD pharmaceutical.

At the beginning of the year, SKY Brasil had also chosen Embly as their support platform in about 40 events of different sizes this telecommunications company will organise throughout 2017 in several Brazilian cities.

Note that Embly was launched in 2014 by Bliss, an app developer specialist. Bliss is part of WYgroup, a holding company for digital and interactive marketing companies with offices in Portugal, Brazil and the USA.

Tags: Technology, Events