“Voluntourism” is donating time to Planet Earth

“Voluntourism” is leaving a mark over the travel business, as globetrotters have an increasing conscience of the impact they might have all over the world. And nowhere is that impact more noticeable than in the environment. The Algarve is preparing some exciting opportunities in this field, with NGO’s and local entities promoting several projects.

There is much more that can be done to attract those visitors who wish to employ their time in a meaningful way. Local company Proactivetur is keeping an eye for these opportunities, according to João Ministro, executive director. Activities like reforestation in fire-stricken mountain areas, volunteering at a centre for wildlife preservation, support for protected area management and many others, could, in the near future, help the Algarve fight seasonality in tourism while contributing to a greener and more sustainable region.

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The latest numbers show that ecotourism and nature seeking travellers are increasing in Portugal. 40% of Germans, for example, want these types of experiences. The government is supporting sustainable travelling, with new funding for this field. And so, everything is in place for more companies to offer these experiences.

Proactivetur is already engaging in this area with a cultural offer, including arts and crafts workshops, ancient rural site tours and activities in remote villages, at the heart of the Algarve.

Corporate responsible tourism can also be a plus in the Algarve. Companies will, soon, want to give their employees meaningful incentives and the environment and wildlife protection are the best way to do it. 


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