BEA World jury president shares some tips

Alexander Safonov is director of events at Oriflame Cosmetics.

The BEA World jury group is led by Alexander Safonov, himself a winner of these awards in the past. Safonov is currently director of events at Oriflame Cosmetics, after having worked at Microsoft Russia. The experience as a member of the jury has been very enriching, especially due to the “inspiration” that some of the projects in competition bring to him. And then also for the networking and knowledge that the event provides, as it brings together some of the most qualified professionals in the industry. He believes that BEA is "an opportunity to be recognised at a global level, which helps increasing brand awareness, meeting new partners and suppliers and attracting new business opportunities."

The jury president shares some clues as to what is most important factos in evaluating an event: wondering if the event has enogh quality to receive na award; answering all questions on the form clearly and objectively; choosing the right categories to submit the event to; thoroughly prepare the jury presentation, "preventing judges from falling asleep".

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