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Event Point's International MICE Correspondent Ramy Salameh collaborated with, who provided him an Interrail 'Global Pass' ticket to explore Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia helping him to discover some of Europe's hidden MICE gems. During his travels, he had the chance to visually showcase some amazing, quirky and inspiring venues/incentives. Through our 'Gallery section' take a tour of the places and activities that you may not have been aware of, but with the help of Event Point International may well plant the seeds of an idea that may take root for your next event.

Switzerland has been blessed to be the HQ of the two biggest sporting organisations in the world – the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Both support their own museums, which provide Lausanne and Zurich with truly unique MICE venues offering inspirational USP's for planners with various rooms for hire and this can include post event tours of the museums, charting the history of the Olympics ( and FIFA World Cup (


Take a look at some photos from FIFA World Football Museum:

1. Illuminating the world of football and offering various meeting possibilities [].

2. The FIFA World Cup Trophy is the centre-piece of the museum. Any delegate attending an event organised at the Museum would certainly get the ‘wow’ factor to see this.

3. Beside the entrance of the FIFA World Football Museum, company logos or messaging can be digitally dressed on the staircas which heads to the meeting rooms.

4. Maracanã – a high-tech venue with touch-pad technology, leading to meeting room ‘Wembley’.

5. Wembley can be used in conjunction with or seperately from Maracanã. It has the added advantage of outside terrace. Capacity – 20 people.

6. Colombes is an intimate space for smaller meetings for up to five people.

7. The Event Hall is a large adaptabe space close to the entrance and capable of holding up to 120 people.

8. Known as the 'Rainbow', the first exhibit on entry to the museum, displays the national team shirts of the 209 FIFA member associations.

9. Signed shirts from the world's greatest players and an unrivalled collection of memorabilia from various tournaments.

10. The FIFA World Football Museum peers into the past and present of the beautiful game.

11. The FIFA World Cup Trophy captivates people of all ages, from corporate guests to children, the effect is the same.


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