The Ultimate Swiss ‘incentive’ at the ‘Top of Europe’

Event Point's International MICE Correspondent Ramy Salameh collaborated with, who provided him an Interrail 'Global Pass' ticket to explore Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia helping him to discover some of Europe's hidden MICE gems. During his travels, he had the chance to visually showcase some amazing, quirky and inspiring venues/incentives. Through our 'Gallery section' take a tour of the places and activities that you may not have been aware of, but with the help of Event Point International may well plant the seeds of an idea that may take root for your next event.

The Jungfrau rack railway, completed in 1912, remains the highest train station in Europe at an altitude of 3,454m. It is approximately two-scenic hours from Lausanne/Montreux, or one-hour from Bern to reach Interlaken the gateway to the Jungfraujoch, Mönch and Eiger. Change trains and burrow through the mountain, stepping out on the ‘Glacier Plateau’ or Sphynx observation deck to be rewarded with a high-mountain landscape of the UNESCO heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. Aletsch is the longest glacier in Europe at 22km. Other activities to enjoy are the ice sculptures in the glacier tunnels or activities in the snow fun park [].


1. Epic scenery as you begin the ascent from Lauterbrunnen up towards the Jungfraujoch.

2. The Jungfraujoch Railway was completed in 1912 and is the highest railway station in Europe.

3. The snowy peak appears through the clouds.

4. The Sphynx Observation deck with internal and external viewing platforms. At this point you are 3,571m or 11,782 feet above sea level.

5. The Swiss flag flies distictively against the dramatic landscape from the Glacier plateau.

6. The building perched at the ‘top of Europe’ also include ice sculptures within artificial glacier tunnels.

7. The incredible UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau-Altesch Glacier – 22km long, 1km deep is visible.

8. Switzerland is the eldorado of Alpine tourism creating unforgetttable images.

9. Having conquered the Jungfraujoch head to Grindelweld First for some adrenalin fueled activities above 2000m.

10. Fly, Glide, Cart and Scooter down the mountain from Grindelwald First.

11. A thrilling ride down the mountain on stand-up scooters is a novel way to experience the landscape.

12. Picture perfect scenery as you head down the mountain on the scooters.

13. Even time for a Mountain selfie half-way down the route.


Credits: Ramy Salameh

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