Turismo de Portugal wins best stand award at EIBTM

 Turismo de Portugal (Tourism of Portugal) won the prize for best stand at EIBTM in Barcelona. The stand, that was presented very recently, was developed by Multilem. The award was presented at the stand during the exhibition and with the presence of its director, Graeme Barnett.

Joaquim Pires, Turismo de Portugal MI Marketing Manager, was very pleased "with the international recognition". To Event Point, he confirms the "clear investment Turismo of Portugal made with regard to the image." An investment "recognized by companies" that shared the TP stand.

The stand has an area of 616 square meters and is distinguished by its technological and functional nature and by the way the offer is presented, being specifically oriented towards the business area. The aim of Tourism of Portugal is also to convey the idea that you are always welcome in Portugal, which, according to Multilem, gave origin to a stand with curvilinear elements, favouring heights below eye level and arranged according to a strict matrix, in order to promote a good depth of field and, consequently, an easy understanding of the whole space and a motivating experience.

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