New brand joins events by tlc and Case

After two years in a merger, events by tlc and Case have just announced that they are now the same company.

Both companies are now a new and unique brand, under which they operate in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Florida. Both agencies had a long history, 12 and 15 years, respectively, "loyal customers, and a reputation to cherish." Diogo Assis, CEO and founder, explains that instead of combining the two names, in what would be the easiest way, they decided to create something completely new, taking advantage from the best in the two previous brands, with the intention of provoking. "We are now Voqin'", Assis adds, and this name comes from the idea of "provoking emotional reactions, with meaning, which is what moves us as a company, to do more and better."

Voqin' "brings together the strengths of DMCs and event agencies to develop people-centred solutions. Combining strategy, creativity and impeccable execution, we deliver captivating experiences in a world in permanent change", Diogo Assis assures.

Voqin' currently employs 140 passionate professionals, voqers, in four countries and two continents, holding more than 300 events a year," the new brand's CEO concludes.

Voqin's genesis

The new brand was born from the merger of events by tlc, founded in 2002 in Portugal and later expanded to Brazil (2013) and Spain (2014), and Case, founded in 2000 in Brazil, and expanded to Florida (2014). These two companies were merged in June 2016, now giving rise to Voqin'.

Its symbol

A lightning bolt is the symbol associated with Voqin', a visually strong and flexible element that can be used in a number of situations linked to the new brand.

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