Imppacto presents its new image and new venue

Imppacto, a Portuguese catering company, has recently introduced to the market its new image at CineTeatro Capitólio, where it is the exclusive catering supplier.

This change of image does not correspond to a change of position, since that is well consolidated. It is mainly concerned with the growth of the company in recent years, and with the will to change the previous image, somewhat dated.

Multipurpose venue with terrace

The recently renovated CineTeatro Capitólio is one of the most recent venues of the Portuguese capital, and is located right in the centre of the city. It is a multipurpose room with about 400sqm, which has a main stage with 120sqm, and two more stages in the middle that can be lowered, making a pit, or rised, making them particularly interesting for, for example, product presentations. The room also allows complete blackout of lights or be flooded with natural light. It also provides audiovisual equipment.

Another attraction of this CineTeatro Capitólio is its terrace, one of the most emblematic in the city, ideal for a sunset, a cocktail or even to have dinner. Both the living room and the terrace have capacity for about 700 seats in cocktail format, or 400 if it is a dinner.

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