Forum d'Ideias celebrates its 19th anniversary

This conference and event organising agency began its journey in February 2000.

Forum d'Ideias is celebrating its 19th anniversary, after years of reinventing itself "in this increasingly challenging market," as the company notes in a press release.

This conference and event organising agency, which began its journey in February 2000, recalls the early days "technology" - whiteboard with marker, fax machine, floppy disks and CDs - and highlights its staff skills, "who would move mountains and made it happen." The company also recalls its reduced activity range, such as the "few options for accommodation, entertainment, venues".

Forum d'Ideias highlights their first clients, the European School of Haematology, followed by, which made this agency its exclusive representative in Portugal. This was the beginning of this company, now celebrating 19 years in the market.

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