Lisbon rises to second place in ICCA’s ranking

The Portuguese capital reaches its best ranking ever.

Lisbon reached the second place in ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association)’s ranking, Turismo de Lisboa informs. The Portuguese capital rose from sixth to second place, with 187 international events. It surpassed destinations like Berlin, Vienna, Singapore or Madrid, in a ranking led by Paris.

"This achievement is the result of a successful strategy that we have implemented over the years. This second place will reinforce Lisbon's international visibility and could not have arrived at a better time to help us resume our activity, so affected by the pandemic crisis", says Paula Oliveira, executive director of the Lisbon Tourism Association.

Turismo de Lisboa emphasised that the capital "is the main national destination in the segment of Business Tourism, with particularly valuable conditions with regard to value for money of tourist services and the experience in hosting the most diverse events".


In order to keep this path, Turismo de Lisboa suggests the adoption of measures that "ensure the competitiveness of tourism", namely that "VAT on this tourist product would be tax deductible, as it already happens in Spain".

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