Hotel sector plans to invest 3.6 billion euros by 2020

A study by the Brazilian Hotel Operators Forum (FOHB) points out that this sector plans to invest around € 3.6 billion over the next six years. The document estimates 630 new units, representing an increase of 65%. In terms of rooms available, there is a 75% growth, from 94,000 to 164,000.

The Minister of Tourism, Vinicius Lages, comments on the importance of hotels to the country's economy. "Construction increases, jobs are generated and national tourism is redeveloped. Most notably, we have robust investments in Rio de Janeiro due to the 2016 Olympic Games," he says.

The study also indicates that, in 2020, hotels will be responsible for 100,000 direct jobs. In terms of trend, it highlights the increase of cheap hotels and the investment in smaller towns.

Source: Brazilian Ministry of Tourism 

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