OG 2016: security operation is the largest Brazil has ever had and it costs more than EUR 445 million

According to the organising committee, 85,000 men will ensure the well-being of tourists and residents during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016.

This includes 47,000 elements that are part of military, civil, road, and municipal police, firefighters, national force of public security, and an additional 38,000 men from the armed forces.

There will also be units for more specific issues, such as the intelligence centre for foreign service and the centre of counter-terrorism intelligence.

The extraordinary secretary of security for major events in the ministry of the Brazilian Justice, Andrei Rodrigues, says that this "will be the largest security operation in the history of Brazil", with a total cost estimated to be more than 445 million euros.

José Mariano Beltrame, Rio de Janeiro security secretary, accounts for almost EUR 200 million, General Luiz Felipe Linhares, special adviser to major events in the Ministry of Defense, manages 153 million euros, and Andrei Rodrigues has to manage a budget of more than EUR 92 million só that the Olympic Games next year can be a success, also in this security chapter.

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