85% of the construction work for the Rio Olympic Games are completed

It's Vinicius Lummertz who grants it, in an interview with CNN TV channel in Quest Means Business program. In meetings with the United States press, Lummertz said it is not only the Rio that is worth mentioning. "Throughout the next year, Rio de Janeiro will be the postcard and the gateway to a nation that has much to offer the tourist in terms of natural beauty, sports, cuisine and culture. We propose that television stations and worldwide tourists visit other Brazilian cities before, during and after the Games," he exemplified.

Embratur President, during a lecture at the Global Skift Forum, stressed the effort made over the last few years so that Brazil could move forward in terms of infrastructure, in order to host major events. According to him, hosting the Pan American Games (2007), Pope Francis visit (2012), the Confederations Cup (2013) and the World Cup (2014) have made Brazil a reliable country to hold investments in the tourism area.

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