OCUBO Light Artists

It's a creative studio that develops ways to tell stories, in a captivating way, through the use of light. This is how we could define OCUBO and its work powered by passion.

The essence of OCUBO's work continues to be aimed at people, with large‑format projections, particularly on historic sites that they are keen to energise. And these interventions, true works of light like "Lisbon Under Stars", allow them to tell engaging and contemporary stories. This storytelling often allows local communities to be involved, in particular by collecting testimonies that are then displayed. And sharing what we can call "human values," such as sustainability and deep respect for nature.
"Lisbon Under Stars", a 360 degrees and multidisciplinary show in Carmo ruins, was the stage of an experience that combined immersive multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects to the sound of great Portuguese music. This show told the history of more than 600 years of Lisbon and Portugal. An innovative project, over 51 days, which has won the heart of more than 30,600 spectators.

International recognition
OCUBO's work achieved already a remarkable visibility, not only in Portugal. So much that they have been invited to develop projects in more than 20 countries, from the United States to Macau and China, from the UAE to Australia and New Zealand, from Japan to Singapore, and much in Europe, of course, in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Hungary.
In this international game, they are competitive, their leaders admit, thanks mainly to creativity. They speak their own language, and those most knowledgeable easily recognise OCUBO's work identity.
Corporate events on the horizon
Companies increasingly want to make themselves noticed in their events in a disruptive way. In this perspective, OCUBO appears as the first option for creativity and quality. Proving it, OCUBO is increasingly present in artistic corporate events, such as the Renault ZOE launch; at the Belgian Embassy; and at a private event at Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Innovation and interactivity with the audience in their shows are strengths that are attracting more and more companies, thus showing OCUBO's great adaptability to the business world.
For these "entrepreneurs in the world of culture", as they define themselves, the most important thing is still being able to bring people together around a projected story, pulling them out of their rut, and bringing them some magic for a few instants.
Lisbon. Portugal
+351 219 250 818

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