Take your event to another league

Want an event full of strong emotions?

The Sport Lisboa e Benfica has several proposals that promise to make a simple business meeting, a congress or a celebration of a special date in a memorable event.

Benfica Events is seeking to take one more step in the corporate events market by providing an experience, instead of a simple event implementation. We believe this to be a very modern way to handle the events market.

Increasingly, we reject the concept of opening our doors and hosting a brand. The interesting thing about the moment is the fact that the different brands which visit us, might, on the event day, open our stadium’s doors just like they were opening their own doors.

The procedures used by Benfica Events, for the big internal events that we implement and adopted in the events of the companies which visit us, enable to paint the stadium with new colors, new concepts, new brands.

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The event no longer needs to be held in a closed space. The ultimate experience is the atmosphere of the stadium. What set us apart from other facilities is exactly the fact that we are in a stadium and not in a building. It is extremely important to take advantage of the stands and the pitch, to create the amazing atmosphere that only a service like our can offer.

This thrill easily takes to a sports memory, to a sense of belonging that we all recognize. Either by dedication to a club or to a nation. This connection is very intuitive and we would be wasting a very important element – the emotion– if we would not be exploring it.

This way, the brands that implement their events in our facilities can have a video of their company in mega screens, their logo in the center of the pitch, an impressive play of light and the vibrant sound of our stadium. To all this, we can add the voice of our speaker to enhance that emotion even more. Almost a corporate “it’s in”! Later, when everyone is gathered in a space for a conference or a gala dinner, people are even more excited to hear the message you want to pass on, with more openness than usual.

It is also a new way of registration on the market for these brands.

We continue to implement all kind of events at the stadium, from a simple meeting to a training initiative, a team-building initiative, product launches, Christmas and gala dinners, congresses and seminars with a high level of professionalism and commitment. Even so, we understand that we should sow experiences and fulfill dreams. We want your company to shine in our facilities.

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