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OBOS 24: a full day of music in Oslo ... and Facebook

For those who did not get a place at the Oslo Summertid festival, OBOS, the event's sponsor, decided to create 24 festivals in a day.

The event, which won the first prize in the BEA World Music Event category, was broadcast live over 24 hours on Facebook.

Music was everywhere: streets, workplaces, schools... "We wanted to reach everybody and in a vibrant city like Oslo there is always someone awake. From the garbage collector who works early in the morning to nightclub goers, we wanted to make sure everyone was involved. So we were live for 24 hours. There were 24 festivals in 24 hours,” the organisation explains.

With this action, OBOS won great sponsorship recognition, since 92% of the festival was able to name the brand as its sponsor. The live broadcast reached more than one million people and generated more than 70 thousand comments.

Watch the event's video here.


Agency: Jcp Nordic & Ekko Agency

Client: OBOS

Location: Oslo, Norway

BEA World Awards: 1st Prize Musical Event

Tags: OBOS, Jcp Nordic, Ekko Agency, BEA World