Case Studies

Vm I DØds, an increasingly popular diving championship

It's a different concept of diving that comes from the 60's in Norway.

Dødsing inspired 6.sans As to organise the Vm I Døds death dive world championship, which won the Best B2C Event (< €500,000) at BEA World.

In this competition athletes dive from a height of ten metres, holding the X-position or doing tricks and bizarre positions until entering the water. On the way, the public has fun; a young and familiar audience. This event becomes more popular each year. In this last edition, athletes from seven countries participated and the championship was broadcast on television.

Watch the video here.


Agency: 6.sans As

Client: 6.sans As

Budget: > € 500,000

Location: Norway

BEA World Awards: Best B2C Event (<€ 500,000)


Tags: 6.sans As, Vm I DØds, Bea World