Case Studies

Equal Streets, or a movement to and from citizens in Mumbai

A Times of India initiative awarded at the BEA World Festival.

A movement to and from citizens, to claim for themselves the busy streets of Mumbai, usually filled with heavy traffic and polluted air. On Sunday mornings, Equal Streets allowed the population to occupy 6.5 kilometres of street to participate in healthy and engaging activities.

This initiative won the first prize in the Non Profit / Social Service Event category at BEA World Awards, also winning the third place of the Grand Prix podium. Indian Laqshya Live Experiences won the first prize in the Best Event Agency category.

Collective and individual games, yoga, cycling, music, dancing, hiking were many of the activities that, over 31 weeks, occupied the open spaces on Sunday mornings for the population in Mumbai. This Times of India initiative was designed to draw the rulers' attention to the lack of sidewalks, to the priority given to vehicles and pollution. But Equal Streets has become a platform for the dissemination of other concerns such as road safety, disease awareness, and health and fitness, for example.

Watch the video here.

Agency: Laqshya Live Experiences Pvt. Ltd.
Client: Times of India | Location: Mumbai, India | Target Audience: Population of Mumbai | BEA World Awards: 1st Non Profit / Social Service Event Prize, 3rd BEA World Grand Prix and 1st Best Event Agency Prize for Laqshya Live Experiences (India).



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