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'The time is now': Bticino's innovative presentation

BTicino's product presentation went from the screen to real life in an award-winning BEA World experience.

Italian company BTicino found in cinema a creative way of presenting its latest product. The experiment - first screened, then live - took place in 27 cinema theatres in 21 Italian cities and received a Special Mention for Best Creativity & Innovation and the third prize in the Convention category at BEA World.

The movie "Un giorno straordinario" ("An extraordinary day") was screened for the ten thousand professionals who participated in this experience, which involved cinema, television, live webstreaming and satellite broadcasting. The film is an exciting story of industrial espionage: Bianca (Laura Chiatti) and Nicola (Alessandro Fella) have the mission to deliver a mysterious folder to Bticino's CEO, Franco Villani. The story leaves the screen, the folder is delivered live and the folder content is revealed: the new BTicino Living Now.

The event surprised the participants, who had the opportunity to get to know the new product and its characteristics through the company's salespeople who then interacted with the audience in the movie theatres.

Watch the event's video here.


Client: BTicino

Agency: The Story Group - Born to tell your story

BEA World Awards: Special Mention for Best Creativity & Innovation and 3rd Prize in the Convention category.


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