Case Studies

Coding Tomorrow: Taking the future to underprivileged locations in Turkey

This event won the first prize in the Roadshow category at BEA World Awards.

It took technology and the future to more than 2,500 children from socially and economically poor places in Turkey. "Coding Tomorrow" drove a truck along 6,080 kilometres of road and won the first prize in the Roadshow category at BEA World.

Vodafone Turkey Foundation's idea, organised by Atölye Grup, intended to increase awareness of technology, teach programming to children aged 7-14, and provide technological experiences.

Thus, it equipped a truck with computers, high speed internet and Scratch programs. In addition to programming work, participants were also able to make Makey Makey invention kits, Mbot robot kits and virtual reality experiments.

Watch the event's video here.


Agency: Atölye Grup

Client: Vodafone Turkey Foundation

Target audience: Children between the ages of 7 and 14 from economically disadvantaged locations in Turkey

BEA World Awards: 1st Roadshow Award

Tags: Atölye Grup, BEA World