“Prague is booming”

In a city booming with events, Marriott Prague is a landmark in the Czech capital. We chatted with William Boulton Smith, the hotel manager.

"Prague is booming," Boulton Smith says, and for this much contributes the feeling of great safety experienced in the city. At a time when cities like London or Paris are still suffering from terrorist attacks, more peripheral areas such as Prague, Budapest or Lisbon become central to events.

In addition to security, the Marriott director points out that the Czech capital is very well connected in terms of flights, in addition to having a "great airport", and very close to the city. "All the big companies are here," he says, and that opens up the spectrum of potential customers. China and India are today promising markets for Prague. Renting historical buildings is also simple in this city, lending an extra élan to an event. "Even the tram can be rented", emphasises the director. And for all these reasons, bookers have confidence in Prague.

Marriott is one of the city's main hotels with 293 bedrooms, and this number is expected to increase over the next two years. The July remodelling works begin in the whole event area, taking advantage of the congress low-season. The goal is to give the space a more contemporary look.

Events are very important for this unit, representing 40% of its occupation. Government-related initiatives lead the list, followed by the pharmaceutical sector. Boulton Smith reminds us that a world without pharmaceuticals is a world without conferences. The financial, technological and industry sectors are also important customers for Marriott Prague. In terms of geographic markets, the United States, United Kingdom, Benelux and Germany prevail. Being an American brand helps to attract customers from that part of the globe.


Cláudia Coutinho de Sousa *

* Travelled on Prague's Convention Bureau invitation

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