The future will still be in our hands!

Among computers and smartphones, cameras, the now famous drones, even robots - the idea of a world defined under the watchful eye of technology is closer everyday.

In fact, today, perception is exactly this, and imagining life without the presence of technology is becoming increasingly impossible.

In the events' area in particular, technologies have not yet been evolved enough to dismiss the human brain, in favour of an artificial intelligence system. This is because the universe of events is often unpredictable and requires an immediate reaction capacity; moreover, experience that can even be simulated through a track record does not ensure a quick and effective result when compared to human resilience in situations of increased pressure and demand. This idea may change in the coming times, with the rapid and deep advance of technology.

Should we be afraid and want to delay that day? I do not think so. Only by believing that every human being should use technological innovations, as platforms and applications, in order to optimise the execution of some tasks. However, in practice, man will hardly be replaced in more complex functions.

Human creativity, subjective judgment, mental gymnastics, plan B, C and D in portfolio, the ability to activate decisions and corrections of alignment to the thousandth of a second, a live show in which light, sound, projection, immersion and interaction can not fail. In this field, there is no sufficiently developed machine capable of judgment and analysis.

Gamification, holograms and immersive reality are already part of the new paradigm of events, but today it is fundamental to look beyond the virtual to experience the real, in an increasingly authentic and personalised way. In a time when distractions are so many, the challenge is this: to stimulate the will in each of us to be continually challenged by the sensory perception, of everything around us.

Truth be said, this need has been increasing, with the proximity of technological standards - the desire to live in a natural way and the valorisation of a real life, stripped of artifice and makeup. The "rare, the real and the visceral" will be privileged values, and those who can provide authentic experiences will remain esteemed by other human beings.

If the mission of events is often bringing the brands closer to their public, in mass and large-scale events, the mission is more ambitious today - it is increasingly humanising brands, showcasing them as tangible and promoting them in a closer and simultaneously unique form.

In events, the trend is to create immersive experiences that appeal to the wishes of the participants. The message goes through the whole event, touch-see-taste & feel and the best result is exactly letting the perception that the brand is able to connect with each one in a very personal way, recognising their desires and ambitions.

Small niche and subgroup events will start to gain momentum as they offer participants comfort and greater closeness to the group, making activities more authentic and personal.

The challenge of freeing guests of their smartphones during the event is also something to cherish, since we know they spend much of their time focused on smartphones, tablets, PCs ... Heads up technologies fulfill this function! You have to think and design solutions and applications that make them lift their heads of their phones, leaving social networks to engage in an interactive game with the rest in the room, using your phone as the dynamics controller or even in the microphone of the event. .. Different activations with the interfaces that today nobody lives without is a must, a trend we must pursue.

Events success depends not only on imagination, audacity, new combinations but also on the mastery of procedures, tools and techniques available, which release energy for new constructions, reconstructions and transformation of our reality.

Creativity is crucial, yes. In the relationship of people with people. In the experience of people with brands. So, be bold! Dominate and show you know your customer's client. Where they are, what they like, what they are looking for, what they follow, what they comments on, where they are involved in... Challenge brands. Challenge the customer. Insist on the response, the feedback, the justification. Show alternatives outside the box. Add risk to the equation!

We look for unruly spirits that turn the challenge constant and the demand higher. And, this way, the future of events is still in our hands!

Filipa Oliveira
Restart Director  

Tags: Technology, Events