Promoting engagement at an event: some tips

To make a success out of your event it is essential to generate high levels of engagement with your guests, before, during and after it.

To assertively and efficiently communicate, today more than ever, you have a significant set of tools that you can use to streamline your event.

Here you have five solutions you can adopt to maximise your event.

1) Social Media

As the name implies, social networks are nothing more than virtual spaces of socialisation, of content and experience sharing. Thus, it is considered "fertile ground" in terms of events. Choose a maximum of three social media to use during the event. The choice will depend on your business, but we would say Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the channels that can generate an immediate return in most cases. Share pictures, video clips, quotes, or even small polls (use various forms of feedback for closed answers) and above all invite your community to participate. Also involve your speakers and other digital influencers in your market, so you can share various moments of the event with your followers. This is a simple way to amplify the reach of your event using social media.

2) Hashtag

Hashtags, in the context of Social Media, are in essence tags used to identify related posts for certain subjects. Originally introduced by Twitter, these days they are a commo'n denominator in almost all social media. How to take advantage of this technology in your event? First create a unique hashtag for your event, for example # MktConference2017. Use capital letters in the beginning of each word so that the hashtag is more noticeable. Use tools like www.tagboard.com, where you can monitor posts that are being published with this hashtag, just in time. Place an LCD in a strategic point of the event showing the tag board, which will allow participants to view the posts that are being shared about the event, in real time and across the various social media.

3) Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the Digital Marketing channels with higher conversion rates. Through platforms such as Mailchimp, E-Goi or Active Campaign, schedule your campaign submissions, informing participants about key moments of your event, minutes before it starts. This small operation can have a very significant impact, especially if you have multiple micro events running simultaneously, working almost like a reminder. In addition to increasing your event's awareness, it will also help you get more participants.

4) Mobile Application

At first, you may think that producing a mobile application for a two-day or three-day event may be somewhat excessive, due to the complexity of the process... A reality, if you are considering something from scratch, ultra-personalised or integrated with other systems. Fortunately, there are several platforms on which you can build your app using pre-formatted templates and without programming skills. This solution is literally within anyone's reach. Try to explore each platform's features to select the one that best serves your purposes. On this journey, I recommend GoodBarber, AppMachine and BuildFire, where prices start at €28 a month. This option can be an alternative to professional SMS, once it allows sending notifications to users who installed the application, at no extra cost. However, the percentage of participants downloading the event application may be reduced, which should be considered before making a decision.

5) Video

Video has taken a leading role in today's communication strategies. Companies such as Google or Facebook privilege this type of content more and more. It is estimated that by the end of 2017, about 74% of all Internet traffic will be used to consume video content around the world. One of the solutions that most excites me is the live broadcast, also known as livestreaming. Social media have democratised livestreaming, something that in the very recent past would be completely inaccessible to most SMEs in Portugal, considering the associated costs. Today, through Facebook or Instagram, you can perform multiple live videos to cover backstage, event preparation or question and answer sessions. Taking the example of a conference, schedule a live broadcast where the interviewer approaches the speaker and summarises his presentation and invites the audience to ask questions they would like to clarify. In social media, live videos are increasingly important and determinant. They boost your organic reach, which means you will reach more people without having to pay for it.

By Hélder Pinto, Digital Sapienz Digital Marketing Manager


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