ICCA Iberian Chapter: What truly lays ahead…

It is never easy to summarise anything up, in just a few sentences, especially two years of commitment and heart driven Presidency at the ICCA Iberian Chapter, my home away from home, with a truly special and memorable family.

Nevertheless, that are three key sentences that I would like to explore with a bit more detail, that have served as the motto of the last two years of the Iberian Chapter Presidency with myself as the Chapter Chairperson and a devoted and hardworking Board:

The Human side of meetings @ Madeira Island ‑ Portugal

I strongly believe that people, in a world driven daily by technology and by the latest gimmicks, are still the engine that makes this business run, either with a smile, a helping hand and obviously the acknowledgement of people by people.

It does not matter having state of the art technology if a human is not being human, to greet you, to welcome you and to acknowledge you as another human being, such an important part of our business and the reason why this MI business truly exists… because of one person or the smallest group of people.

So, focus on people first and on the process second, ensure that people leave the event feeling unique, empowered and important. It is all about the people.

There is Love, there is Life @ Granada – Spain

Put your heart in everything you do, we only do it because we truly love this business and make sure that it shows.

And I am not talking about love as the romantic “feeling”, but much more that we daily give the industry, as much that your needs as a professional will eventually become my needs, and this is the romantic attraction of the Meeting Industry!

Do not be afraid to show your passion for such a passionate business as the MI, it is the small details put in with your heart that will make the difference and that will last in people’s memories. A meeting or an event is just one more meeting or event, but when made with love it becomes a long lasting memory.

All about your experiences @ Porto – Portugal

Share your knowledge, experience the experience of sharing… it will blow your mind understanding how simple and effective it is. People still care and want to know your personal experiences.

Always remember to share and create unique experiences for those around you in this business, make sure to find novel and unique ways to impress, be innovative and turn your event into a lifetime experience.

And how do you turn your experiences into an event experience? Simply consider you as a professional and what does truly impress you… and use that experience to add another layer of uniqueness by letting people feel rejuvenated and revigorated by the experience of your simple vision.

To sum it up… invest in people – they drive your business to success, share the passion for the business – just add some emotions to it, and share your personal experiences – make everything as memorable as possible and truly unique.

What truly lays ahead… a legacy, your legacy and let it be a positive, inspiring and memorable one.


Ricardo Vieira, ICCA’s Iberian Chapter president and Madeiras’s Trade Fairs, Events & Destination Manager.

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