Associative events: more boring or sexier?

The professional congress organisation sector has been undergoing a swirl of changes for more than a decade.

At present, there is only one way to remain in this market successfully, and that is to know, monitor and anticipate market trends along with its regulatory restrictions, the latter being a FactorChave’s critical success factor, as it operates exclusively in the health sector. To succeed, an agency must be able to offer a turnkey service that includes financial and legal advice, be highly professional and have credentials to prove such positioning.

The market is, in our perspective, currently driven by the growing and diversified needs of clients along with their ever-increasing demand, expecting that agencies anticipate contingency plans for all the details that make the backbone of a congress or event, this being a recognised fact in the current market.

In the conference organisation market, events whose organisation belongs to medical societies and / or groups, known in the market as associative events, have a very significant weight. In our opinion, organising associative congresses is increasingly segmented, and we feel these two segments are increasingly moving away from each other!

So, there is the group of ‘healthy’ events, increasingly challenging for us from the creativity and innovation point of view, based on the demand for each event to be different, to do more and better, to provide ‘new experiences’, to leave a mark on participants with unforgettable moments, with that essence that in FactorChave we like to call ‘living experiences’, and which are the practical application of ‘emotional intelligence’. Organising an associative congress with these characteristics is a double challenge for us, because it is critical to understand the needs of each association so that during the event participants feel their expectations are met, that they live the congress as ‘the Centre’, where they see answered their individual and specific needs. We know we have reached this goal when we are told that their participation in the meeting was really helpful and will make a difference in their daily lives.

Congresses or associative meetings that provide these moments, significant moments, fortuitous experiences that create memories with a memorable impact in time are the increasingly attractive associative events to organise and this fact makes them increasingly seductive and even ‘sexier’!

This experience together with innovative design, the use of multimedia increasingly integrated in the congresses and events meeting design, the venue choice, exists for only one reason: just as we are all unique, different and with our own personality, events themselves also have their own unique objectives, audience, and goals, one being totally different from the other. Thus, everything will be designed to adapt to participants, how they will relate to each other, to content and to the event venue, based on a single basic and cross-cutting objective: to facilitate interaction taking into account the associations and congressmen peculiarities.

Organisations that achieve this vision are doomed to success and to see their events grow and achieve a guaranteed return on investment.

On the other hand, agencies are also called by the other association segment to develop a whole plan for holding a congress exactly the same as its previous editions, always with fewer resources, often with copy / paste content and location and whose sole purpose is to make possible a congress edition and one more year of existence of the association. These conferences classified by us as ‘more boring’ will continue to exist because they are often based on personal leadership of the associations, but tend to fail naturally with the natural changes of these leaderships.

Paula Ferreira de Almeida, FactorChave Commercial Director

Tags: Associations, Events