Events are communication

Is the event market changing? Yes, a lot!

Who can forget that time when bids only presented a set of services. A horrible Word Document without any framing where we listed all the actions without any specific order with somewhat bewildered ideas. Well, maybe in a chronological order! So, what we had: I. Framework, II. Spaces, III. Entertainment, IV. Decoration, V. Audiovisuals, VI. Design, etc etc ...

Each service was presented with a basic descriptive memory and poor photos, and when they existed, used only to make the document more colourful and to show that we could align our ideas in a similar mood. And the budget ??? In the Word Document itself, right next to each item! Very round values and in the end, only sometimes could we foresee an overall value of the whole bid.

Event evolution in the last decade was such, and the companies' investment in this market was such that it has brought to the market dozens of companies in this sector. And is there a market for all of them? Probably, and each one fits its own space ...

So how can we keep ourselves in an ever-changing industry, with so much competition and easy content, where everyone says they know how to do everything? Taking advantage of the best we have: people, creativity and the tools that are available today, to make events one of the best means of communication.

Today, we create concepts. A bid is a true storytelling and brands want to impact their customers and their internal audience, they want to be differentiated from the competition and can only do it with truly "out-of-the-box" content.

All of the means we use in pre-event, during and post-event, such as naming, colours, the format of the pieces produced, scenarios, stages, the way speakers go on stage, activations we make with the public and how they can take a different memory and experience home, are all things we have to take to the extreme. The experience that is required today must be intensely worked on.

These days I expect to receive augmented reality invitations, arrive at the venue and have an electronic check-in, I download an app where I can ask questions to the guest speakers... ups, one of the speakers failed to attend, we have a hologram, WOW! The opening? Hanging dancers interact with projection, moving pictures and emotions, many emotions...

No, wait ... let's rewind... I arrive at the event and have a mapping of the whole building facade with a spectacular movie, full of movement, colour and music. Who does not immediately post a story on Instagram or Facebook, share a video with friends, take a selfie and post it online right away?

If we are not careful about the image and the story we tell at events, we are not taking advantage of the full potential of this easy disclosure and sharing of information with the world. We are talking about communication and how an event can capitalise an entire set of views and immediate feedback to the customer and for free!

But not everything is easy. All this adaptation to the market is necessary and reinvention must be constant. We can no longer think of an event as a simple meeting, convention, team building that will work only for guests who are there enjoying at the moment. One has to think about how the "other audience" that is out there can also be impacted by the story that we have created and feel the need to enjoy and share it as well. We have to think of events as a true communication tool.

Despite all these changes over the years, what we do know how to do well can not change: ideas, creativity, being different and professional, the rigour and the quality with which events are made.

This evolution makes us just more attentive, more demanding with our teams and more eager to exceed both customer expectations and ours.

Can we give in to trends? Yes, but with care. We can follow them and shape them to make them a true marketing tool.

And among all these changes, those with an identity remain,

Those with PASSION for events,

Those who dare to be DIFFERENT.

And yes, events today are communication.


Angelina Castel-Branco, iPartner iMotion

Tags: Events, Communication, Trends