Business travellers are cycling along Algarve’s scenic routes

Wellbeing is becoming a major concern for event attendees all over the world and cycling is, for many travellers, an everyday necessity.

The region has almost perfect conditions for cycling enthusiasts, with its mild weather all year round, scenic and quiet roads and high‑quality local equipment providers, as well as an answer for all sorts of challenges.

Visitors can choose between four difficulty levels and several kinds of cycling segments, including touring and BTT for all ages. Check them out here.

Some pass along deserted beaches, and others take visitors to inner Algarve, a place less busy, but with many different landscapes to find, while pedalling.

Algarve’s many routes are a great way to unwind after a busy day at a conference or meeting and local companies are already tapping into the potential of business travel for their activity.

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For Jerom Pannier, the owner and founder of Musette Bike and Algarve Cycling Holidays, the events and congress sector is old news. “We now have a large enough fleet to accommodate large groups with bicycles. We are also mobile enough to transport our bicycles to different hotels in the Algarve”, he stated. The company is used to working with large groups, putting together bike rides for a group of 150 people, recently. It typically offers self‑guided and guided bike tours for half or full days.

Algarve Bike Holidays has also been profiting from the MICE sector boom. Account manager Kiki Batchelor says this type of clients has been looking for guided bike tours that last three or four hours. “We offer a wide variety of cycling holidays and have several agents in Europe and North America” that sell the company’s experiences, according to the manager.

At Portugal A2Z the events and congresses sector still hasn’t gained much expression, but the company worked on “small bike rides” for some visitors, according to Luís Coelho, manager.

Bikesul, on the other hand, has some experience in cycling as an activity that complements the MICE sector. Ricardo Rodrigues, managing partner, indicates that this segment accounts for 20% of the company’s business. Bikesul rents bikes for big sporting or other events and offers guided tours and various activities that include a bike ride.

Some of these players have specific offers that fit the MICE sector’s demand.

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“We have a new concept, ‘The Bike & Dine’”, says Jerom Pannier, something to “combine the sport with amusement”. The company takes its clients on a “bike ride to a unique location where they get to indulge in a wine tasting with some flavours from the region (cheese table) or a BBQ, supported by a real chef”, according the owner of Musette Bike and Algarve Cycling Holidays.

Pannier believes that “every manager nowadays has a very expensive bicycle in the garage and commutes or participates in large challenges in his spare time”, meaning that “race bike events for team building or congress activities are included”.

For this biking businessman “inserting a nice cycling tour between discussions opens the lungs but also the mind for the next discussion”.

Bikesul’s Ricardo Rodrigues believes the ultimate goal for cycling companies working in the business travel segment must be offering “a complemental experience to the event, that allows participants to have contact with cycling, work out and enjoy a fun and relaxing activity”, that also has the advantage of helping busy travellers and team building attendees get to know the region.

For those who prefer to bring their own bikes, Faro airport has a bike station. Business travellers can also count on bike‑friendly hotels like Aldeia da Pedralva; Cabanas Park Resort; Golden Clube Cabanas, Real Bellavista Hotel & SPA; Monchique Resort & Spa; Casa Modesta; Praia Verde Boutique Hotel; The Prime Energize; Victoria Sport & Beach.

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