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Event Point’s International MICE Correspondent Ramy Salameh collaborated with, who provided him an Interrail ‘Global Pass’ ticket to explore Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia helping him to discover some of Europe’s hidden MICE gems. During his travels, he had the chance to visually showcase some amazing, quirky and inspiring venues/ incentives. Through our ‘Gallery section’ take a tour of the places and activities that you may not have been aware of, but with the help of ‘Event Point International’ may well plant the seeds of an idea that may take root for your next event. 

Lausanne and Montreux are two of Switzerland’s most captivating cities which intertwine culture and lifestyle, with dramatic nature and scenery. Sharing cinematic-like vistas of the snow-peaked Alps and clear waters of Lake Geneva, they also now share a common goal in attracting MICE events to their region; The Lausanne Montreux Congress formed an alliance in the last two-years and it is paying dividends for the destinations and its partners - see

Take a look at some photos from Montreux

1. Room with a Swiss view - Eurotel Montreux Hotel's lakeside rooms, offer amazing vistas of the city, lake and Alps. Conference rooms can host up to 170 people;

2. Montreux Music & Convention Centre is the beating heart of the Montreux Jazz Festival since 1993, welcoming everyone from Prince to Lady Gaga –;

3. Auditorium Stravinski at the Montreux Music & Convention Centre. Accoustically perfect for myriad MICE events and the many world-class concerts its holds –;

4. Switzerland's most visited historic site - Chillon Castle is a breath-taking venue for events –;

5. A meeting space inside Chillon Castle, which has already been set-up for an event –;

6. Entrance to the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, one of the city's most exclusive addresses and events hotels;

7. Belle Epoque classical elegance at the Montreux Palace. With a portfolio of some 18 MICE spaces to choose from;

8. Chaplin's World - Meeting spaces and opportunities can be found in La Manoir, the Studio and in the Parkland estate;

9. Le Manoir - Chaplins's World is a unique place to host an event, this spiral staircase heads towards a top floor meting space –;

10. UNESCO Lavaux Vineyards between Montreux & Lausanne11.The CGN Fleet of historic ships exclusively traverse Lake Geneva and has capacity for some 252 passengers. These boats are available for private event hire.

Credits: Ramy Salameh

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