ICCA reveals regional hubs for 59th Congress - Kaohsiung

There are five regional hubs.

ICCA’s 59th Global Congress in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, will showcase a hybrid model, complemented with regional hub events created across the globe to coincide with and share the experience for those unable to attend the main congress. The chosen hubs are: Cape Town, South Africa; Sarawak, Malaysia; Luxembourg; Malaga, Spain; and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A virtual option will also be available to those choosing to stay at home or located in the Americas.

ICCA CEO Senthil Gopinath said: “The regional hubs allow us to provide members with a variety of attendance options depending on their ability and attitude to travel. The 59th ICCA Congress has provided an opportunity to re-imagine the way we deliver the event and we are excited to be working with so many local and global partners to ensure it meets the expectations of all attendees. I take this opportunity to thank the regional hub hosts and commend their commitment to bringing the ICCA family and the meeting industry together.”

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