Beamian opens a new office opens in Germany

The new office is in Cologne and aims to serve the German and surrounding markets in a better way.

The Portuguese company Beamian is growing and has announced the opening of a new office in Cologne, Germany! The purpose is to support event organizers in the Cologne region by unleashing innovation through event tech solutions that can adapt in an integrated way to live, hybrid and virtual events.

But why Cologne? Beamian explains “Is the largest city of Germany's most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and benefits from a truly strategic location to also serve the German, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch and Austrian markets”.

By establishing the presence in Cologne, Beamian is looking forward to create new business opportunities, either to work with as closely aligned partners or to help industry leaders growing their business with data & tech.

"After early 2020 allowed us to flourish a new office in Valencia, we decided to keep on getting ahead and continue to follow our path of expansion and consolidation in the European market. That way, we found that opening an office in Cologne was the most relevant way to better serve our customers in the great region covered by this city. We strongly believe that this willingness to build a direct proximity to our clients and co-creating with potential partners is the only way to make a real impact, as a Portuguese company. This decision follows our mission of staying close to our customers by offering a personalized service that goes far beyond technology and that guarantees the highest standards of customer satisfaction.", says Sérgio Pinto, Founder & CEO at Beamian

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