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The Rematch: reliving the magic of football in Norway

The event, which recreated the football match between Norway and Brazil, won two awards at BEA World.

During the 1998 World Cup in France, Norway defeated Brazil 2-1. This was then considered the greatest achievement by the Norwegian team and nobody in the country forgot the date. Twenty years later, the Aftenposten newspaper promoted "The Rematch", a new match between the two teams - with some players, coaches, staff, referees and commentators of the time.

The original idea for this event, which took names like Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos to Oslo, was to relive this moment of glory, creating new memories, drawing attention to football in Norway and repositioning Aftenposten as a sports newspaper. The main challenge was to turn the idea into an economically sustainable project and find a possible date for everyone involved. It was necessary to find sponsorship and collaborators and deal with issues such as television production, venue management and ticketing, for example.

The event was announced in November 2017 and the response was quite positive: the launching video was viewed by 700,000 people and social media publications generated millions of interactions. The return on investment was around 85.7% and the value of media coverage in Norway reached 1.8 million euros. In addition to these excellent media results, the event won the first prize in the Sports Event category and the second prize in the Live Entertainment category at the BEA World Festival.

Watch the event's video here.


Client: Aftenposten/schibsted Norge

Agency: Schibsted Norge As

9th June 2018

Oslo, Norway

BEA World Awards: 1st Prize in Sports Event category and 2nd in Live Entertainment one.

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