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Nova SBE: creativity and professionalism at the inauguration event

It was the opening event of the School of Business & Economics (SBE) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

On September 29th 2018, 8,200 guests attended the opening of the new facilities, on an open day to high business institutions and the community. The event, organised by Desafio Global and the Cascais City Council, is now one of the finalists in BEA World, in the Public Institution Event category.

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The idea was to celebrate the opening of the largest campus in Europe, attract national and international notoriety, and provide an open day for the community with various activities, such as tedtalks and entertainment. 8,200 people were invited to the event. Three accreditation areas were created, there were seven different types of guests, divided between the institutional ceremony, the open campus, the gala dinner and the party. Among those present were board presidents and their committees of banks, insurance companies and other companies in Portugal, as well as students and general public.

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Taking into account the high number of guests, it was an event of high logistical complexity. Faced with this challenge, the organisation opted for several creative solutions. The ceremony stage was a scenic reproduction of the campus and its buildings; a time capsule was created, which will keep messages and objects placed inside by both speakers and guests for the next 25 years; three orchestras performed in various places and moments - with emphasis on the Symphony Orchestra that played on stage during the institutional ceremony; and a party to close the event for all types of participants.

Objectives accomplished

It took 12 months of preparation, some indecision and nine different proposals. In the week before the event, the Desafio Global team moved to the campus and five generators were installed to ensure the necessary electricity. On the opening day, a team composed of 14 event managers, 45 hostesses, 35 security guards, 50 volunteers, 20 audiovisual technicians and 30 dancers was present. Bringing together catering employees, activation staff, technical teams and campus staff, 200 people were involved in the event.

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Expectations were high. For the organisation, the expectation was linked to the operation of all the logistics of the event, with regard to reception, parking, accreditation, referral of guests and 'sitting' by profile, and the ceremony itself. In the end, the balance was positive, the objectives were met and the event was the subject of extensive reports in the press and on television channels. 287 articles were published on the new campus, with a media value of 4.3 million, which generated 37 million impressions and 27,138 online interactions. The message reached 3.2 million Portuguese and each citizen was impacted an average of 11 times.

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Watch the event video here.


Organising Agency: Global Challenge & Cascais Town Hall

Client: Nova SBE

Target audience: 8,200 people, including board presidents and their committees of banks, insurance companies and other companies in Portugal, as well as students and general public.

Location: New facilities of the Nova School of Business & Economics, Carcavelos, in September 2018

BEA World contest category: Public Institution Event

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