What are the benefits of interactive stands?

Let me start by talking about the "Paradox of Choice", a concept to keep in mind for companies and brands.

Today's offer is so large and so similar, that it is hard for you to known if you are making the right choice. Technology evolution, with everything attached to it, makes customers and potential customers in companies and brands well informed people. When they intend to buy a product or service they already have a set of information that will often help them to decide what to choose.

In this scenario, a challenge posed to companies is how they can call or attract the attention of new customers / consumers, taking into account the numerous ways to reach them. In Marketing, one of the tools that we can use are exhibitions or events, and these in turn have stands as means of communication.

The first image is the strongest and will some how define if the interest in the company or brand will be kept. When attending exhibitions and events, the stand is the first element that will be analysed and evaluated by the visitor. This way, it is important to ensure the success of the space and how it is presented.

At the moment we can find companies or brands with traditional stands or with interactive stands. Undoubtedly, if you want to be the centre of attention at a trade show or event, interactive stands are the best option because they present a much greater potential of attraction compared to traditional formats and create a participation / sharing experience with the consumer.

With this article, we will realise the benefits of choosing interactive stands, and thus increase the possibility that potential customers / consumers create a relationship with the company or brand, thus overcoming the difficulty of our brand being chosen by the consumer.

Stand differentiation is an aspect to bear in mind, and choosing an interactive stand we are creating differentiation and customers are more likely to be more interested in the products or services offered. This will lead to an increase in brand visibility.

If the company / brand is investing on an innovative promotion, visitors can thus identify the knowledge it has about new ways of engaging the customer, which conveys credibility and confidence.

Relationship is improved when a company is present at fairs or events. Gifts are one of the traditional ways that can allow the visitor to remember the brand or company when they need it. When we get the attention of potential customers, we must invest in our relationship with them. Interactive booths take visitorson a sensory experience, which goes beyond the traditional toast. Here the visitor can experience the product or service and have opportunity to get more information about the company. To work in proximity with the visitor, games, touchscreen screens, interactive mirrors, and more can be used. We should always choose what best fits our brand, product or service.

Generally speaking, interactive stands contribute to a more pleasant environment. They are usually relaxed areas with good vibes, which helps closing the deal.

Obviously, when we participate in fairs and events we must differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and as such we must create attractive strategies. Communication becomes more efficient and generates interest, which can lead to greater brand engagement with visitors.

Undoubtedly, this type of stands promotes direct contact with visitors. We get to know their tastes, lifestyles, and preferences. The company keeps a register and well-defined knowledge of its visitors.

Good memories are created, which are recorded, and more easily remembered. If the visitor experiences the product or service, "mouth to mouth" will work, because he will talk to friends, family, making the brand or company a reason to share in social media. The company, brand, should create hashtags, should create a wall of comments and photos. Interactivity with the public has a very positive return in terms of engagement.

By investing in an interactive stand, we must not forget that our relationship with visitors does not end with the end of the event. The post-event is important and for this we must research to understand what they liked best, and what needs to be improved in the future. It is important that the company / brand shows that it is attentive to the public's opinions.

Undoubtedly, the experience in knowing the company, brand, product or service, improves by interacting with the customer, and interactive stands stop being merely a transactional place to become an experience place.


Sílvia Bandeira
IPAM Teacher and e-Learning Director at IPAM Porto

Tags: Stands, Exhibitions